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        Inner Mongolia Huaou Starch Co., Ltd
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        Inner Mongolia Huaou starch Your trusted product provider

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        • Vice Chairman
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          add:Hohhot City and Linxian Huqing Road No. 98



          Zip code:011500


        • Chairman of the board

          tel:+86(0)471 7191585-8809

          fax:+86(0)471 7197725


        • Vice chairman of the board

          tel:+86(0)471 7191585-8003

          fax:+86(0)471 7197725

        • General manager

          tel:+86(0)471 7191585-8812

          fax:+86(0)471 7197725


        • Financial manager

          tel:+86(0)471 7191585-8813

          fax:+86(0)471 7197725


        • business manager

          tel:+86(0)471 7191585-8818

          fax:+86(0)471 7195494


        • other

          Finance Department:+86 (0)471 7191585-8815

          Production Department:+86 (0)471 7191585-8807

          Business Unit:+86 (0)471 7191585-8802

          Administration Department:+86 (0)471 7191585-8801

          Quality Control Department:+86 (0)471 7195495-8826

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