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        Inner Mongolia Huaou Starch Co., Ltd
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        Inner Mongolia Huaou starch Your trusted product provider

        About Us

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        Corporate Culture

        Our corporate tenets:

        “Make Continuous Improvement and Make it Better to Create a Potato Starch High-brand Influence and Excellent Quality Superiority and Sincere Service Credibility.”

        Our strategic objective:

        Make “Huaou Brand” potato starch become the first choice of potato starch customers in China and make us become the most competitive and influential corporation in China potato starch industry.

        Our business policies:

        Technology leading for resources added-value; circular economy for agriculture benefit increases; standardized management for corporate efficiency increase; excellent quality for customer benefit; honest tax payment for government benefit; personalized management for employee benefit; stable development for shareholders benefits.

        Our Management Concepts

        • Strategic Management Concept: Strategy Leading Overall Situation

        • Business Management Concept: Dedicated Business Innovation

        • Organizational Management Concept: Organization Efficiency First

        • Financial Management Concept: Financial Standardization First

        • Talent Management Concept: Talent Resource First

        • Service management Concept: Sincere Service First

        • Market Management Concept: Market Grasp First

        • Safety Management Concept: Safety Responsibility First

        • QC Management Concept: Quality Superiority First

        • Risk Management Concept: Risk Prevention First


        • Our Spirits

          Dedicated to Work  Prosper Business   Strive for Excellence  Strive for Being Stronger
          Develop Potato Industry, and Benefit the Country.

        • Our Brand Strategy

          Product represents moral standing. Quality presents dignity. Service presents responsibility.
          The market is like the ocean in which the quality acts as a boat and the brand as the sail.


        Our Factory Styles

        Actions speak louder than words   morality is more important than wisdom

        Actions speak louder than words, morality is more important than wisdom.Practice what you preach until success is achieved.Actions must follow morality and morality is prior to wisdom.Morality and reputation becomes known when wisdom is spread around the world.


        Our Common Code of Conduct


        About the Company


        When the company is in smooth development, we should make sustainable efforts while be prepared for any possible danger.

        When the company is under reform, we should understand and support and actively cooperate.

        When the company is in front of difficulties, we should come forward to overcome any difficulties together with the company.



        About Work


        Treating the work with a “dedicated” attitude is our basic requirement.

        Starting work with a “professional” spirit is our qualification standard.

        Blending “undertaking” ideal into work is our striving direction.  



        About Customer


        Customer demand is always our guide of action.

        Customer desire is our direction of improvement.

        Customer satisfaction is our objective of pursuit.

        Customer value is our base point of benefits.




        Corporate Concept of Honor and Disgrace (Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces)

        • 1. Love the company, do it no harm.

        • 2. Be dedicated to work, not indolent.

        • 3. Observe rules and regulations, not undisciplined.

        • 4. Forge ahead, not complacent and conservative.

        • 5. Be honest and trustworthy, not lying and flatulent.

        • 6. Be diligent and thrifty, not extravagant.

        • 7. Be collective, not selfish.

        • 8. Be clean and tidy, not dirty and messy.


        Our Quality Policies

        • Provide customers with satisfactory products based on professional teams, exquisite equipments and superior quality.

        • Ensure for the society safe food by strict and impartial rules, strict and careful management and strict assessment.

        • Impetus the staff to engage in quality system construction by deepening management and by scientific quality control measures.

        • Ensure continuous improvement of quality management system by work styles of always summing up and keeping improving.


        Our Quality Objectives

        (1). Customer satisfaction ≥99%;

        (2) Superior product rate ≥99%;

        (3) Product pass rate ≥100%;

        (4) Pass rate of product ex-factory inspection ≥100%;

        (5) Occurrence rate of major food safety liability accident all year round is zero.


        Breakdown Solution to Our Quality Objectives and Indicators Management

        • Raw Material Department

          1. Raw material purchase acceptability=100%

          2. Raw material storage loss rate≤1%

        • Production Department

          1. Superior product rate≥99%

          2. Product pass rate ≥100%

          3. The indicator of energy-saving and consumption-reducing for 1-ton starch requires a year-on-year decline of at least 2%.

          4. Major quality safety accident all year round is zero.

        • QC Department

          1. Examination rate for auxiliary material and packing material purchased=100%

          2. Examination rate for each batch of products=100%

          3. Response rate of product quality complaint=100%

          4. Handling rate of unaccepted products=100%

          5. Examination rate of inspection devices and measuring instruments=100%

          6. Qualified warehouse-out control rate of finished products=100%.

          7. Major quality safety accident all year round=zero

          8. Rate of changes controlled of quality management system documents=100%

        • Business Department

          1. On-time delivery=100%

          2. Quality complaint handling rate=100%

          3. Customer satisfaction≥99%

          4. Qualified rate prior to production and dispatch=100%

          5. Qualified delivery rate of finished products=100%

          6. Vehicle inspection rate prior to product dispatch=100%

        • Executive Office

          1. Qualified rate of employee training≥95%

          2. Serviceability rate of office facility and health infrastructure=100%

        • Enterprise Management Department

          1. Various management systems are complete

          2. Post performance assessment rate=100%

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