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        Inner Mongolia Huaou Starch Co., Ltd
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        Inner Mongolia Huaou starch Your trusted product provider

        Quality Control

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        Product Quality System and Brand Advantages:

        A). We passed American FDA certification, JAKIM HALAL certification, ISO9000 quality management and ISO22000 food safety (HACCP) certifications, and possess import and export business qualification.

        B). Complete Food Safety Traceability System. Huaou starch quality safety traceability management system comprehensively uses various network technology and QR code recognition technology to realize whole-process trace management for starch production archives (raw material source, production flow, and quality detection), sales and circulation records and quality safety trace records. The quality safety traceability system software by website and cell-phone client-end management functions play an important role in ensuring users’ consumption safety, product quality supervision and production warning.

        C). Experienced Quality Management Team. We have 1 national certified quality manager, 3 intermediate quality managers, 4 inspection personnel, and 3 warehouse management personnel. Each of them has rich quality management experiences of over 20 years.

        D). The production technicians with over 20 practical operation experiences went to Sweden for full training, which ensures exquisite product quality

        E). We have complete sets of advanced Swedish quality control and product testing equipments, processes and techniques.

        F). We have established friendly cooperation for many years with foreign authoritative detection bodies.

        G). We firstly carry out ISO production and QC systems and firstly pass the systems (1997) in the industry.

        H). For 25 years, we have been remaining as the high-end starch leading brand. We are reputed as “Long-standing Brand, High-end Quality, and Sincere Service”.

        Inner Mongolia Huaou starch Industrial Co., Ltd.
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