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        Inner Mongolia Huaou Starch Co., Ltd
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        Quality Control

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        Quality Assurance System for Raw Material Purchase
        • Quality Assurance for Raw Material Purchase
          Starch Content Determination: During the purchase, take a sample from each vehicle and use a starch determinator to detect the starch content of the raw material, set out reasonable purchase pricing to ensure superior raw materials entry into the storage pool.
        • Raw Material Quality Control---Earth Sieve
          Earth Sieve Installation: The earth sieve designed and made by the purchase personnel during their work can greatly reduce the mix of the earth and other impurities during the unloading, which effectively ensure the purity of finished starch products and the yield of primary products.
        • Monitoring of On-site Purchase Personnel
          The quality inspector of raw material seriously conducts monitoring to prevent the rotted raw material from getting into the material pool and to avoid microbial reproductions, which ensures the quality of finished starch products.
        • Raw material storage
          The storage time in pool of raw material should be generally 3~5 days and the maximum of such storage can’t exceed 7 days, which ensures the quality of fresh potatoes to be processed.
        Hygiene Assurance System at Workshop Entrance

        • There are complete hand-washing and disinfection facilities at the production workshop entrance.
        • There are complete hand-washing and disinfection facilities at the production and packaging workshops.
        Quality Assurance Measures for Raw Material Cleaning Section
        • For cleaning process, there are desander, stone extractor, weeder and hooked grass scraper which can remove the broken stones, grass and other sundries from the raw material.
        • Production field personnel pick out the rotted potatoes to prevent them from entering into following workshop sections.
        • There are strongly magnetic bars at the storage box of raw material for properly cleaning up the iron substances in the raw material to prevent them from entering into following workshop sections.
        Quality Assurance System for Wet Processing Section

        Fully-enclosed Advanced Production Line
        Refining section uses Swedish advanced production line that realizes full enclosing during the whole production. Especially, the refining level reaches to Level 26, which can effectively purify the large and small starch granules.

        Fully-automatic Control

        The Central Control Room is the hub of the whole workshop. By the meter data displays, the operator can control over the running of the workshop equipments all times.


        The refining section is equipped with a desander that can again separate the fine sands from the starch emulsion by the principle of gravity classification to reach more refined purification effect. Remove effectively the silt and other impurities from the starch emulsion to prevent them from mixing in finished products.

        • Use of Starch Cleaning Pure-Water System
          Before dewatering section, the starch emulsion goes through the washing and purification by softened water, which effectively removes the calcium and magnesium ions in the starch and thus further increases the starch viscosity.
        • Equipment Cleaning
          The production system equipments and pipelines should be cleaned and disinfected once a week by CIP method and verified after cleaning, to ensure nice production with clean pipelines and equipments.
        Quality Assurance for Drying Section

        Dewatering (Vacuum Suction Filter)
        Dewatering: The dewatering equipment is vacuum suction filter. After suction filtration for the starch, the moisture in the starch is greatly reduced by 38~40%. To ensure the microbiological indicator of the starch not to exceed limit, the dewaterer is equipped with a shield and a UV sterilizing device.
        • Use High-temperature Steam Drying
          Import Dutch advanced flashing drying equipment
        • Quality Assurance for Drying Section
          Drying: The material after dewatering goes through the closed drying system via the screw conveyor. After instant high-temperature drying and cooling, it will enters into the screening system (100-mesh screen) and then goes to the next process---Packaging.
        • Use Rotating Magnetic Bar for Demagnetization
          Use 15000 gauss rotating magnetic bar for demagnetization treatment for bolted products to ensure no residue of magnetic material

        Real-time Monitoring for Finished Product Quality
        QC monitoring personnel conduct on-site monitoring with three times for all indicators at each shift and take down the monitoring records. Besides, conduct irregular detection and spot-check for conductivity, whiteness, moisture, metering and other indicators.

        Complete Test Devices in the Laboratory
        • Brabender Viscograph
        • Whiteness Meter
        • Microscope
        • Moisture Tester

        Finished Product Packaging Section
        Packaging section

        Packaging Section
        Packaging personnel keep clean personal and environmental hygiene.
        Packaging Section
        The packaging section sets effective deironing devices and metal detector.

        Finished Product Packaging Section
        At the workshop entrance and the packaging section gate, there are infrared fly-killer and insect killer devices to prevent foreign material from getting into the inside.
        Mosquitoes and Flies Killers
        Insect Killer
        Manage the surroundings of the production workshop
        Spray fly and insect-prevention disinfectant for the lawn in front of the workshop

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