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          Main Characteristics

          Middle-late maturing fresh variety, only 96 days from seedling emergence to harvesting. The plant type is upright and the growth vigor is medium. It has green stem, green leaf, light purple corolla and few natural fruiting. The potato is long elliptic, with light yellow skin and white meat, shallow bud eye, short stolon and concentrated tuberization. The plant height is 68.8cm; the main stems of single plant are 2.2 stems. The tuberization number of single plant is 5.2. The weight of single potato is 184.9g; the commodity potato rate is 82.3%. By inoculation identification, it is moderately resistant to light mosaic virus and to serious mosaic virus, as well as to late blight. By field identification, its resistance to late blight is higher than that of check varieties with purple flowers.

          Tuber quality: starch content 13.2%, dry matter content 20.6%, reducing sugar content 0.82%, crude protein content 2.05%, Vitamin C content 17.9mg/100g fresh tuber.

          Key Cultivation Techniques

          Key Points:

          1. From the end of April to the first 10 days of May for Northern China, accelerate germination before seeding.

          2. Suitable for ridging cultivation, planting density 4000~4500 plants/mu.

         3. Increase organic fertilizer and properly apply chemical fertilizer.

          4. Pay attention to timely prevent potato early blight and late blight.

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