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          This is a late maturing variety through breeding of virus-free single plant lines. It has short stolon, concentrated tuberization, and rapid tuber expansion speed and fits different cultivation modes. The growth period (from seedling emergence to digging) is about 65 days. With a short dormant period, the tuber is suitable for cultivation in spring and autumn and also suitable for intercropping with other crops. The plant type is upright and the plant height is about 60cm. The stalk is strong, with few branches. The leaves are large, the leaf margin is waved and the flower is light purple. It has long elliptic tuber, shallow bud eye, smooth skin, nice appearance, yellow skin and meat and good taste. Generally, the yield per mu is about 2500~3000kg. For the scientifically managed high-yield land with rich water and fertilizers, the yield per mu can reach up to 4000kg.

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